Friday, 25 Jun 2004 13:48: Hamburg and Munich impressions

Good morning everybody,

just woke up and I am enjoying my coffee after a rather long trip - there goes my vacation time, but what a vacation Iīve had! Went to Hamburg on Tuesday, then to Munich on Thursday, so all in all Iīve spend about 1300 miles on the road to see the guys..didnīt make it home until 03:30 a.m. last night since it has been another 200 miles back home...

Well, so I got to see the guys in Munich yesterday - needless to say it was a great show (same setlist as Hamburg, but we got to listen to "Jet City Woman" instead of "Walk in the Shadows"), but interesting how much different the atmosphere was compared to Hamburg.

The venue in Hamburg (the Fabrik - an old factory building) had quite a small stage and there were no barriers keeping the crowd apart from the band - so being there in the front row it was very unique being so close to the band - hence the feeling was more that of a club event than that of a concert hall...I think it was the best concert feeling Iīve had with QR so far! While waiting for the doors to open we also got to know Vovin and Spider who came all the way from Finland (!) to see the show, so we spend most of the time with them. Afterwards we were able to meet the band at the Meet&Greet. Scott immediately greeted me with a "Nice to see you again" - AGAIN? He even remembered me from the last tour four years ago (I had been on five shows) - ainīt that nice :-).

Ok, back to Munich - the Georg Elserhalle in Muenchen was a larger venue with barriers in between the band and the crowd - the way we are used to it. I was able to get a photo pass (pictures have yet to get developed and will be posted) and was allowed to take pictures for the first three songs. Afterwards I worked my way to the front row, and I stood there for some minutes until Geoff must have recognized me from the Hamburg M&G (I had told him about and waved...I was so baffled and I couldnīt believe it myself - and it wasnīt until the guy next to me pinched my arm that I fully understood that he was actually greeting me...what a trip!

Afterwards Eric (the tour manager) took us backstage and a bunch of us were able to meet the band again. Got to meet Jerakina ("Clarity" from the Message Board) and her husband and we instantly became friends - what a nice couple - have fun on your trip to Switzerland!

Thorsten, Jerakina, Aefa, Frank & Sandra

There was another couple who even travelled all the way from Hungary to the Munich show - ainīt that impressive too....?! And then there was Sandra and Frank - with the largest Triryche tattoo Iīve ever seen - and yes people, he undressed for us and I have it on film - ROTFL 

And hereīs something to Vovin and Spider from Finland:

Iīm sure you do remember when Stone sang "Changes" by David Bowie to you - well, we recorded it (in rather poor quality however) with the mobile phone camera - and played it to the guys last night - wow, I can tell you, they had a blast....Stone was almost a little embarrased, but Michael and Geoff insisted we have to put it on the Internet to share it with everyone - so we will (gimme some time, Iīll try if I can make one file out of all the smaller ones :- ) Also got to talk to Scott and Geoff and Stone for a little while - they are such wonderful down-to-earth people...

Well, being back home I have been thinking about traveling to the "Bang your Head" festival in Balingen today, but QR will only be playing for an hour; also the guys said they werenīt even sure if they can have a M&G due to the festivalīs organization...since I donīt care much for all the other bands (who the Alice Cooper?) I figured Iīd opt for next week Duesseldorf instead, when QR will be headliner on the Polo Festival - anyone else planning on going there?

Ok, all for now, everyone take care